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2018 G20 BMW 3-Series EV Version just Around the Corner

After passing your driving test, the pressures of driving under the watchful eye of your instructor will be no more. You have the freedom of driving on your own but that shouldn’t mean it’s a chance to be more lax, particularly when it comes to your safety. Here are some tips to practice safe driving with your new BMW.

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Video: 2016 BMW X5M by Shiftech Packs Monster Power

The BMW X5M in its latest generation represents one of the most powerful SUVs on the market, the model coming with sheer performance and aggressive body styling. And one of the reason we have seen it in so many tuning projects is that it can pack a hell of a lot more power.

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BMW 7 Series iPerformance eDrive Models Arrive

The new BMW 740e iPerformance, the new BMW 740Le iPerformance, the new BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance. The BMW eDrive drive system technology developed for BMW i cars has arrived in the new BMW 7 Series model range in the shape of three plug-in hybrid luxury sedans. The trio source their power from the myriad talents […]

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BMW 740e Performance

BMW 740e iPerformance and 740Le iPerformance are now on the market

A big part of selling the new BMW hybrid models is branding them, giving them a badge that customers can familiarize themselves and associate with. Meet the new BMW 740e iPerformance and the associated long-wheelbase and xDrive models. These new hybrids are now on sale and they are more than just fancy marketing and badge foolishness.

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Mini Clubman Cooper

FIRST DRIVE: MINI Clubman Cooper S

We recently spent a couple of days with MINI at the MINI Takes the States road trip event. We’ll have a full report on what the MTTS is and what it was like participating for a few days, but in a nutshell it’s a two week-long road trip with thousands of MINI owners driving throughout the entire country, stopping at racetracks along the way.

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