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BMW 5 Series Sedan in Aventurine Red II with BMW Individual features

After spending some time with the BMW 5 Series online configurator, I came up with a fabulous facelifted 5er fully packed with BMW Individual equipment. …

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UK car production plummets 99.7% in April

UK car production fell a dramatic 99.7% year on year in April as a result of lockdown, which meant all vehicle manufacturing plants were closed throughout the month. Only 197 cars were made in April, all of which were premium, luxury and sports cars that had already been assembled, with only finishing touches required. Of those, 152 were built for export.

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The amazing new BMW X6M

It broke the mould. It offended. But it was as brilliant to some as it was vulgar to others. The first new BMW X6M rocked up.It was the X6 cranked up to 11 — a super-powered M division remix that made even less sense. This is the all-new X6M — only ...

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Incredible BMW Z4 Test Drive

The styling and proportions have been given an overhaul, with a new cab-forward silhouette that puts the driver closer to the centre of the action. There’s a choice of three engines initially – two four-cylinders and a straight-six – while the only roof option is a quick-folding electrically operated soft-top.

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Tips To Practice Safe Driving With Your New BMW

After passing your driving test, the pressures of driving under the watchful eye of your instructor will be no more. You have the freedom of driving on your own but that shouldn’t mean it’s a chance to be more lax, particularly when it comes to your safety. Here are some tips to practice safe driving with your new BMW.

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Blue, Purple, Red: A History of the BMW M Logo

For many years, the fabled BMW M colors and M badge have had seemingly obscure origins. There were many competing stories and accounts as to the actual origins and meanings behind the tricolor. Now, BMW have finally broken the silence on the actual official origins of the famous blue, purple, and red stripes of the famed BMW M logo.

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Bulletproof BMW X5 VR6 Featured in Ad Spot


Not only in terms of design is the new BMW X5 Protection VR6 almost indistinguishable from the corresponding production model. A high degree of agility on the road and impressive off-road performance provides perfect conditions for safely mastering any situation.

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Production of BMW M760Li and V12 engine will end in 2020

The end for the BMW M760Li with V12 engine is coming later this year. According to Bimmertoday, the production of the V12-powered luxury sedan will stop in Fall 2020. A direct successor is not planned due to the increasingly stringent exhaust gas standards and the demanding requirements for CO2 emissions in the European new vehicle fleet.

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What does the BMW M4 Gran Coupe Mean for the BMW M3?

Word has just gotten out, claiming that BMW M is working on an M4 Gran Coupe model, due to the popularity of the F36 4 Series Gran Coupe in both America and China. BMW fans around the world are rejoicing, as such a car is something they’ve wanted ever since the launch of the aforementioned F36.

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