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2018 G20 BMW 3-Series EV Version just Around the Corner

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According to a recent report from Auto Express, BMW is presuming working on a G20 version from its 3-Series, set to be unveiled in 2018 as a full electric vehicle, and underpinning the company`s latest CLAR platform, also seen on the 5-, 6- or 7-Series.

In case that happens, we might be dealing here with the first EV model from the mid-size segment, the model coming with lightweight materials, consisting of aluminium and carbon fibre. The lightweight platform will lead to improve range.

Supposing weighing just 1,425 kg, the future G20 3-Series would come with improved performance. Also, the battery pack would also come with a range of an impressive 480 km, with the battery pack ranging up to 90 kWh.

According to the same report, the EV variant of the 3-Series might arrive around 2020, after the entire 3-Series would have been already launched.